What can we do for you?

At accent.pl, we focus on professionalism. Timely and accurate translations are what sets us apart. We attach particular importance to being in constant contact with our clients –we are always ready to provide assistance and answer questions.

We provide a variety of translations: both written (certified, non-certified, working) andoral (certified,simultaneous, consecutive).


We provide certified translations (also referred to as “sworn”) for law firms, private individuals, state institutions, courts and notary offices. We cooperate with professional, experienced certified translators and interpreters.

Tłumaczenia przysięgłe (tłumaczenia uwierzytelnione) dokumentów urzędowych np. świadectw, testamentów, aktów małżeństwa, urodzenia, czy zgonu, a także pełnomocnictw wymagają często zaangażowania tłumacza przysięgłego. Tłumaczenie przysięgłe zawiera oświadczenie tłumacza o zgodności tłumaczenia z okazanym mu dokumentem oraz jest opatrzone okrągłą pieczęcią urzędową i podpisem tłumacza

We have been supporting law firms in various aspects of translation for many years. Speed is our advantage, enabling us to provide fast translations according to current needs. We cooperate with highly qualified translators and interpreters who are ready to handle both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. We have been cooperating with renowned Polish and foreign law firms for years.

Examples of our legal translations:

  • Agreements
  • Legal opinions
  • Expert reports
  • Corporate documents
  • Court judgements

Although English is still the most popular language among foreign companies operating on the Polish market, we have been increasingly providing more translations in Ukrainian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Latvian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Arabic or Chinese. We adapt to current translation needs and our pool of qualified translators is constantly being expanded.

To date, we have performed thousands of legal translations. The law firms that work with us pay particular attention to the high quality of our services and our reliability. Our work is our mission, and so we approach every order with great attention to detail.


  1. We adapt to different models of cooperation with our clients. We sign confidentiality and cooperation agreements, and we also carry out assignments without a fixed-term contract.
  2. We set individual billing terms for law firms.
  3. We support law firms with in-house translators during holiday seasons.

Nowadays, the exchange of information is an inseparable part of business activities, we want to provide to our clients not only perfect precision of translations, but also full security and confidentiality of data. We insist on strict protection of the information contained in the translated documents, especially in the context of legal content. We act with the utmost care, applying the necessary security procedures so that clients can be sure that their documents are fully protected from unauthorised access. We meet the expectations of those who value not only the excellent quality of legal translations, but also data security.

We specialise in local and international law.

A sound grasp of the nuances and requirements of different jurisdictions is a key element in effectively conveying the meaning and significance of legal documents. Our experienced translators are not only knowledgeable in local laws, but also have an awareness of the international context, enabling us to deliver translations that are precise and in accordance with the applicable law, regardless of the complex nature of the legal issues.

We have extensive experience in translating banking and financial documents including: annual financial statements, loan and leasing agreements, as well as policies and insurance agreements.

We translate specialised technical and construction documents, such as: Terms of Reference (ToR), building permit designs, construction work agreements, technical specifications of large industrial facilities, and many others.

We specialise in technical translations for energy companies and power plants, including documents such as technical specifications for energy facilities, service agreements or energy sales agreements. Additionally, we provide consecutive interpretation of investment talks.

We provide specialist medical translations, such as descriptions of diseases, medical certificates, treatment procedures, hospital treatment information sheets, as well as drug descriptions for the purposes of registration in Poland.