Get to know translation agency was established in 1995 by two professional translators of English: Ewa Prokop (a certified translator of English) and Andrzej Żak. We have been cooperating with a trusted team of experienced specialist translators for years, andwe are devoted to assuring the best quality of our translations.

Due to the location of office in the downtown of Warsaw it is easy to reach us by both public transport or car. translation agency has no doubt that professional translators are a basis of quality and accuracy of translations.

We have been cooperating with a team of experienced translators for years. Our priority is to have our clients satisfied with our services. Therefore, we put a strong emphasis on achieving the top quality of translations delivered by us. No matter if you need a legal, technical, financial or medical translation, we cooperate with a team of qualified translators who can provide a translation in any field of expertise. From translations of documents, marketing materials through translations of corporate or legal agreements to interpreting at conferences, we can offerc omprehensive translation solutions, tailored to our clients’ needs. Cooperation with our translation agency guarantees not only accurate translations but also confidentiality, reliability, timely delivery of orders, and individual approach.

Effective communication requires proper language understanding assured by translation, in order to overcome language barriers and facilitatea cross-cultural dialogue. Therefore, we focus on assuring reliability and accuracy of our translations. In the contemporary globalized society a good translation is a cornerstoneforpromotingcross-cultural communication and developingconnections among people in various language environments.

  • Team

    Translators with whom we cooperate are highly qualified specialists, with an extensive experience in translations.In our team we put an emphasis on respect and good human relations. We never stop developing in order to catch up with the current trends – while keeping the high quality of our work.

  • Partnership

    Our translation agency cooperates with partners from other fields of industry to provide our clients with the top quality of language services. We cooperate with companies involved in software and technology development, as well as with other providers of services who share our devotion and high motivation for work.

  • Confidentiality

    For confidentiality is a priority. We strictly adhere to industrial standards and best practice to assure our client’s privacy and sensitive data. We maintain the highest level of security and confidentiality in all our offers of language services.

  • Qualified Team translation agency is proud of having a team of highly qualified translators, each of whom has experience in a specific language and field of expertise. We put much of our attention on selection of specialists who can demonstrate exceptional language skills and knowledge to assure the highest quality of translations.

  • Standardized Processes

    Our translations agency applies best practices to assure efficiency and coherence in all translation projects.We control the process of translating documents from start to finish so that the outcome could meet all of the requirements. This is a guarantee of quality and accuracy of translations.

  • Guarantee of Quality

    Our priority is to assure the top quality of the content translated by us. Each translation project is thoroughly verified, including corrections and editing by our experienced translators. All those actions are aimed at assuring accuracy, clarity and coherence of a translation.

  • Continuous Improvement

    We understand how important it is to be up to date with new trends and technological progress. Therefore, our priority is to keep improving through participation in various training programs and implementation of innovative tools and techniques in order to improve the quality and efficiency our services.